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Discover our past CPD events here.


Arts Therapies in Working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Theodoros Kostidakis

This theory-based and experiential webinar, explored the following central points:

  • The Impact of refugees’ experiences on mental health

  • Arts, arts therapies and a holistic approach to wellbeing

  • Intercultural understanding and sensitivity

  • Presenting issues

  • Trauma and ‘loss of home’

  • Working with interpreters

  • Developmental perspectives


CAST: An Introduction to the Creative Arts Supervision Training Diploma at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Dr. Alyson Coleman, Alison Kelly, Susi Thornton & Jeni Treves

This CPD event was an informative and interactive opportunity to:


  • Experience the CAST model in action.

  • Find out more about the training, it’s ethos and theoretical underpinnings.

  • Have space to think about the implications of COVID-19 on supervision and therapy practice.

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Evaluation Frameworks in Dramatherapy Research

Marissa Green

This CPD event explored some useful frameworks to evaluate dramatherapy practice for research purposes. We looked at:


  • Robert Landy’s role generation

  • Alida Gersie’s six-part story making

  • Questionnaires

  • Petznik’s six-key model.


Creative Writing and it's Uses in Dramatherapy

Laura Hurkett

This CPD was An introduction into how drama, symbolism and metaphor can be developed and explored through various mediums of creative writing.

Laura Hurkett is a dramatherapist and fellow CSSD alumna working in private practice with a variety of client groups, whilst lecturing in Creative Writing within a university setting. Over the last two years she has undergone research on how creative writing can be integrated into therapeutic work.

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A Mindful and Creative Approach to Self-Reflection

Flor Ferracco

Flor Ferraco, a member of the CDthAN community, facilitated a live session of creative and inspirational work. 

This experiential workshop explored:

  • Elements of Sacred Geometry and how these can be applied in therapy.

  • Guided creative exercises to experience the potential of using Sacred Geometry to declutter the mind, find focus and flow of energy.

  • The language of Sacred Geometry and how this can help deepen your understanding of your conscious and subconscious mind.


Evaluation tools in Dramatherapy WORKSHOP

Marissa Green

This event concerned evaluation and outcome measures from the beginning to the end of a therapeutic process. What information do we need to offer the ‘right’ intervention for our clients? How do we evaluate whether our intervention is ‘working’? How do we measure the ‘success’ of a dramatherapy intervention? How do we share the impact with our stakeholders? This CPD event will offer you the space to interactively introduce you to both qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation and outcome measures. This is by no means a comprehensive session as there is a wide range of tools out there, but should offer participants an introduction and confidence.

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